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Green Earth Air Duct Cleaning

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Our carpet cleaning company is also the leading provider of air duct cleaning services in La Habra California. We offer air conditioning duct cleaning and dryer duct cleaning for a wide range of residential and commercial systems. Our company is committed to ensuring that you have quality indoor air in your homes and businesses, through providing a full range of cleaning services at prices you can afford. Call our La Habra air duct cleaning experts for all your duct cleaning needs.

Your air ducts are a critical component in your air conditioning system for determining the quality of indoor air you have in your home, office or workplace. If the ducts are not properly cleaned on a regular basis, your air quality can deteriorate markedly. According to the EPA your air quality can get as bad as five times more polluted than the outdoor air. This of course can have serious implications with regard to your health and the health of your family. We are here for you if you need professional services to clean your ductwork for the HVAC system or your dryer vent. Call us today!

Call our air duct cleaning experts in La Habra CA (562) 242-1435

In addition to the health benefits, cleaning the ductwork will make your air conditioner or dryer vent a lot more energy efficient, meaning it consumes less power for heating or cooling the air – and cost savings with respect to your energy bills! You can save money and protect your health at the same time! Call us anytime 24/7 for duct cleaning services in La Habra. Our technicians are ready to come out and assess your needs and give you a free quote or estimate.

When exactly you need to have your air ducts cleaned can depend on a number of factors. For the average home the air ducts should be cleaned every three to five years. But if you have members of the family with a history of respiratory disease, or those that are at greater risk of developing one, it is recommended to have the ducts cleaned more frequently. Other situations that may make frequent cleaning necessary include a situation where you have a heavily shedding pet in the house, or heavy smokers, and soon after remodeling your home. We recommend air quality tests to determine if the ductwork should be cleaned sooner than scheduled. Your air ducts should normally not need to be cleaned again for years when our experts have cleaned them.

We handle both residential, commercial and industrial air duct cleaning for a wide variety of air conditioning and ventilation systems. We are here to help you get assured quality indoor air and a clean environment in your home or business in La Habra CA and the surrounding areas. Call our air duct cleaning experts in La Habra for professional duct cleaning services today.